web site makeover

The web site has had a site makeover — a definite improvement for navigation and usability.  The mobile version also looks great.  The account set up system looks like it has been simplified.  The 800 number and links to download paper apps are prominently featured throughout. Check it  out here:


What happens if doesn’t get fixed?

What Happens if the Website Remains Non-Functional?  Here’s a great article that explains the likely options to bridge the problems caused by technical glitches:

Seven ways to buy individual insurance in 2014

It is now the end of the second week after the launching of the ACA exchanges, and it seems that there is still a lot of confusion.  Some state exchanges seem to have ironed out the glitches in their system, but other states and the federally-run site still have confusing and crash-prone sites.  So I thought I would list the various ways that an individual can shop for and buy insurance right now.

1) On the appropriate exchange web site for your state:  As noted, these web sites are buggy and not always that easy to navigate. However, some are working well, and many people have already successfully signed up for their new insurance under Obamacare.

2) By submitting a paper application:  Yes, it is possible to sign up for insurance without a computer.  However, the process for getting and submitting a paper application may vary depending on where you live.  In California, you can download the paper application from the Covered California web site and send it in by regular mail. The mailing address is printed on page 2 of the form.  Continue reading