IRS Weighs In

The IRS Publication 954- Premium Tax Credit — is finally available.  Information about calculating the self employment health insurance deduction, including worksheets, can be found on pages 21-37.  This includes detailed instructions for complex situations, so it is worthwhile to read.   The worksheets can also be used to double check results from tax software.

I will be taking some time to review this document and plan to summarize important points in forthcoming posts.


3 thoughts on “IRS Weighs In

  1. H&R Block software had told me I had to wait for the March 26 update since I was claiming both the ACA credit and the Self Employed health insurance deduction. Just downloaded the update.
    It says “…additional calculations are required that aren’t part of our program. To file an accurate return, we recommend you complete your return with an H&R Block tax professional.”

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