HealthSherpa Web site

Does navigating your government-created health exchange web site give you a headache?

Here’s a quick online tool to find the health care offerings in your area, including a tool to quickly estimate subsidies:

This is a free tool created  using public databases. No login required — all information can be quickly entered on the home page, with results appearing as the the data is entered.

(Created as a public service by three young and capable San Francisco-based computer technicians – see to learn more about them)


Advertisements web site makeover

The web site has had a site makeover — a definite improvement for navigation and usability.  The mobile version also looks great.  The account set up system looks like it has been simplified.  The 800 number and links to download paper apps are prominently featured throughout. Check it  out here:

The ACA still doesn’t exist in North Carolina

In this state, you have only two options if you want an ACA-compliant health insurance policy: Blue Cross/Blue Shield (“BCBS”) and Coventry.

Correction: If you live in one of the 39 counties that Coventry covers you have two options. In the other 61 counties in N.C., you have only one option: BCBS.

But you can’t get a subsidy through BCBS because their website can’t connect to, and I’ve been told you can’t even get a quote from Coventry. I’ve heard that some people have managed to set up an account at but I’m not one of the lucky few, and I’ve tried maybe 20 times by now. Continue reading

Tech Tip for

Tech tip:

Did you run into trouble trying to create a user account at last week?

It might be a good idea to clear your browser cookies before you try to log on again this week.

(This tip was passed onto me by a good friend, but I have no way to test whether it is necessary for everyone. But it’s always a good thing to try if you are having problems associated with logging into a site).