Why the Bronze plan may be better than you think

There is provision of ACA that is sure to change the way we talk about insurance for many years to come. That is the creation of the four metal tiers of insurance plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Henceforth, all health insurance offered in the US must fit within one of these categories.

The ACA sets an array of standards that all insurance policies must meet, whether they are sold on or off the exchanges. Because of that, the different metal categories will generally provide the same basic benefits. The difference between one metal tier another lies in how costs are shared between the insurance company and the patient.  There has been a lot of number crunching, and there is enough flexibility that you will find some variations in how the plans are structured from one state to the next.

The Bronze will have the lowest premiums, but also shift more responsibility for payment to the insured:  if you opt for Bronze, you will have a higher deductible and higher copays.

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