Worth reading

A good overview of the interaction between premiums, age, and income on the exchange– and some of the factors that typically are left out in most news reporting:

The dirty secrets behind Boehner’s ‘spiking’ Obamacare premiums
By Michael Hiltzik – Los Angeles Times – November 25, 2013


Who can help me with health insurance?

Buying health insurance is complex, even more so with the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). We should expect website glitches and some confusion in these opening months of implementation as it is a huge program bringing about dramatic social & financial change across the country. As long as you have completed your application by December 15, 2013, you will have coverage in place beginning January 1, 2014, there is no reason to fight the system until it is running smoothly.

There are several ways to buy your health insurance. If you do not believe you will qualify for a subsidy you can buy a plan off the exchange through an agent or through the company directly. If you believe there is any possibility of qualifying for a subsidy, you should use the exchange marketplace as this is the only way to be allowed that subsidy credit. In order to obtain the exchange plan, you can contact your state or federally run exchange directly, use a ‘Navigator,’ or a licensed health insurance agent. Continue reading