Covered California web site

I tried to access the Covered California portal today to look at that provider list they promised to load on “October 7”.   Here’s where I ended up:

From Covered California Web Site 7 October

From Covered California Web Site 7 October


Tech Tip for

Tech tip:

Did you run into trouble trying to create a user account at last week?

It might be a good idea to clear your browser cookies before you try to log on again this week.

(This tip was passed onto me by a good friend, but I have no way to test whether it is necessary for everyone. But it’s always a good thing to try if you are having problems associated with logging into a site). 

An Important Technical Tip

If you are working with a form on a web site, and that web site seems to be stalling or slow to respond:


Just take a breath, slow down, bookmark the site or page, and come back later.

If the web site is overloaded with too much traffic or if there is some sort of bug in the coding , then there is very strong possibility that the data you enter is going to be lost.

If the system is running slowly because it is overloaded, you are not helping by adding to the load. Continue reading