H&R Block Fail Part 2:


This is the message that shows up in HR Block Software after the most recent (March 26) update.

This message shows up EVEN IF the taxpayer is NOT entitled to ANY tax credit. In my case, because of unanticipated non-earned income during 2014 (a capital gain from sale of assets) my income is too high to qualify for the tax credit, and I will have to pay the full clawback amount.

The math part is easy: I should just deduct the full cost of my premiums & pay back 100% of the advanded premium credit.

But I can’t no longer use H&R Block to file.

This is new error, introduced with the latest upgrade (March 26). I will be asking H&R Block for a refund and posting their response here, when I do.

Update:  I contacted H&R Block and they told me that they would issue a full refund of my product purchase price; however, the refund request needed to be referred to their Escalation Department because the very nice and gracious customer support rep. did not have authority to issue a refund for a product purchased more than 60 days previously.  (Of course I could not have known that the software would not be able to handle the calculations prior to their latest upgrade).   I am told that that the Escalation Department has a backlog of requests and will get back to me within 48-72 business hours.

Note that I purchased the software directly from H&R Block; I do not know whether a refund would be available for software purchased via a third-party vendor.


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