What happens if Healthcare.gov doesn’t get fixed?

What Happens if the Healthcare.gov Website Remains Non-Functional?  Here’s a great article that explains the likely options to bridge the problems caused by technical glitches:



Applying on Paper

OK, so it’s pretty obvious that the web site enrollment thing isn’t working for a lot of people. 

As I’ve posted before, I think the most rational thing to do is to wait a couple of weeks while they iron out all the glitches.   But at least in California, it’s also quite possible to apply on paper.  Here’s a link:

Covered California Paper Application Form

Actually, even if you plan to apply online, I’d strongly encourage Californians to review this application brochure first — you’ll find that it answers a lot of your questions, and reviewing the form will help you to be ready with the information that you will need for an online application.