The tax software mess continues (for tax year 2015 returns)

Last year, I was was surprised and disappointed when various tax software programs seemed to fail when it came to correctly reconciling the self-employed health insurance deduction with the premium tax credit.  TurboTax seemed to come closest to getting things right, and H&R Block never did figure it out.

I had been an H&R Block user for ages, but got a refund from them and shifted to TurboTax.   This year I stuck with TurboTax… though quite frankly  I am not a fan of the software.

But I did assume that with another year to sort out all the glitches, the software packages would all have it things figured out by the time 2016 rolled around.

However, it seems that my assumption was unwarranted.  Already the glitches are a subject of puzzlement and debate.

So I’m creating this new post as a place for comments concerning the ins and outs of the software.