New IRS Bulletin

New from the IRS:

Publication 5187:
Health Care Law: What’s New for Individuals & Families
Available at


5 thoughts on “New IRS Bulletin

  1. Well, just downloaded by 1095–A from the web site and I think the form is incorrect. It lists my monthly premium amount in 21-32A, but 21-32B is $0. Working through Form 8962, I think I need an amount for the SLCSP for 11 (or 12-23) B?

    • Thought I would update my previous post with sme additional information. They have not posted a “corrected” 1095-A on the web site for me(I really don’t expect them to), but they do now have a page where you can get the SLCSP you need for Form 8962. If you click on “Tax Information” there is a link to the information.

  2. Yea, guess I will have to wait a bit to get a corrected form. I found some info online with the SLCSP for my zip code, but I will wait for the official one from anyway.

    I am using TuboTax for filing and it is not ready to do the calc anyway, says the form will be released on the 20th. Looking at it in “form view”, it is doing the calcs for the 8962 (using the estimated SLCSP I found online), but is not attempting to put any values on the 1040 line 29 or 69.

    • I’m having similar issues with H&R Block software — the software does handle form 8962 and send a value to line 69, but it doesn’t reconcile with line 29. The H&R Customer Service rep says that will be addressed in the next software update, scheduled for January 22 – so we’ll see.

      I’ve added a new post to follow this issue here: –
      Another contributor, Jay, has been using TaxCut — so I am hoping you’ll report back as the tax season progresses — that way we’ll have info on all 3 major tax prep programs.

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